Request a new application / website feature

Who knows your business better than you? No one!

Have you ever thought of a website idea that would be totally cool and would help you get more customers? You probably have. Auto body guys (and gals) are creators and visionaries; always coming up with better ways of doing things, always looking for a way to improve the process. Now you have a resource to implement your ideas.

Here’s how it works

If we get enough requests for a new application or website feature, we will add it to our to-do list. Before we start working on the project we will have a meeting of the masterminds. We will get our developers and designers to meet with some of the body shop people that requested the application. When the developers and designer get a clear understanding of the project they’ll go back to their geek caves and create an awesome design and hammer out some code that will auto-magically make the application a reality. Now that’s awesome!

Okay, let’s recap:

  1. Body Shop guys and gals come up with awesome ideas for their websites.
  2. Afore mentioned guys and gals send their ideas to Collision Websites.
  3. When enough requests for a specific feature are received, the idea turns into a project.
  4. Designers, developers, and body shop people meet (virtually) to discuss the details of the project.
  5. Our designers and developers do their magic and make the idea a reality.
  6. We add the feature to our growing list of awesome features.
  7. Collision Website customers use the new feature at no additional cost. That’s right, we build it and you use it for FREE. Swweeet!

Tell Us About Your Idea

You know your business better than anyone. We'd love to hear your ideas for a new website application / feature that would help you run your business and get more customers.

So don't be shy, tell us what you want.

  • Send us anything that will help us better understand your idea.