Collision Websites Support

Getting Help is Easier and More Awesome Than Ever

Collision Websites Support Auto Body Website Templates_BGetting help is now easier than ever. Whether you’re an existing Collision Websites customer or just curious about the product, the Collision Websites Team is here to help.

Support Tickets and One-on-One Training

Short on time? Start a support ticket and a member of the Collision Websites Team can make edits for you or walk you through the process with one-on-one training. Email us anytime at to start a ticket. Or you can click “New Support Ticket” from the Help Desk to start a new support ticket or “Check Ticket Status” to view an open ticket.

If you prefer to talk to someone directly, call us toll-free at 866-341-9636.

Help Desk

We’ve built our Help Desk complete with a Getting Started Guide, Frequently Asked Questions, and “How Do I” section to cover the basics. Learn about website jargon like Front End vs Back End. Get detailed instructions on using the Repair Status Update Tool, Coupons, uploading a logo and more.

Start a FREE trial today and learn by doing

You can start a FREE 14 day trial anytime. No credit card required. Pick a design and background, answer a few questions about your shop (don’t worry, they’re easy) and you’re ready to go. Your new website is up in minutes!

Not sure what design you like best? You can change your site’s design and background anytime with our easy Template Switcher.

You don’t have to wait to upgrade to start customizing your site. We’ll set you up with a domain if you don’t already have one, or we can point your existing domain to your site.

Collision Websites Auto Body Website Templates that are Easy. Affordable. Awesome.